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1. The Administrator can assign the categories to the students


2. All the tests with registration, without registration and paid tests can be appeared on the homepage Practice Exams tab

If quiz type is Free, User can attempt with or without login

If quiz type is Paid, If user not logged in then it will redirect to login page when user tries to attempt paid exam

If quiz type is Paid, If user logged in then it will follow same procedure as purchase quiz then user can attempt quiz


3. Student Feedback about System or Exams based. Only admin approved testimonies will be displayed on the front end


4. Give an Option to admin for adding Front end pages


5. Option for Adding FAQs to Admin, can be shown in front end


6. Home Page Search bar


7. Complete Account Disable option for the admin if any Fraud user/activity


8. Admin can add Blogs, it can be shown in front end


9. Resume builder

Student can create resumes in his account.

Admin can view resumes of any user from his panel.

Admin can add,edit,delete resume templates, These are templates which student can utilize after he created his resume.


Admin can go to student account and view resume.

Student can build his resume from his panel.


Download Resume In Different Templates.


10. New Exam layout

Take the Exam.

Review Questions.

Section type Exams.


Change the theme

Update theme settings for home pages data

Change the theme

Open reChaptacha Settings

Create Site key and Secret key

Update Site key and Secret key in reChaptcha Settings



It is a examination system with all option that a modern system needs.

It fulfils all the needs of the user for taking the exam


Please follow to installation steps for Localhost

Step1: Extract the Project and Past it in htdocs folder

Step 2: localhost/project_folder_name/install

eg: localhost/exam/install

and follow the screenshots

Installation Process :

Create user account for the first time

After successfully creation of the user, it will be redirected to login screen

Note: If database already eixsts, please edit the .env file which is at /project-folder/local/.env

Update the following information in .env file



DB_DATABASE=Your database name

DB_USERNAME=Database Username


  1. Cpanel Login

  2. Go to File Manager

  3. Click on Public_html folder(Check weather project installed or not)

  4. Upload the Project folder Zip into Public_html folder
  5. Extract the Zip folder here
  6. Create the Database using Mysql Wizard

  7. Create Database

  8. Note down DB Name,DB Password,DB Username,
    Type URL www.yourserver-address/install and follow Installation Steps

Manuall Installatation:

Note: If you are installing the system manually, please do install the database with data as it has default admin user with credentials and password

  1. Go to Phpmyadmin (Check weather Database Created or not..? )

  2. If Database Created upload the Database file which is available in Project Folder/public/downloads/database/install_dummy_data.sql and click on Go

  3. Edit the .env file in project folder and update with new Database credentials(Which already created).

Still you’re facing Issues in Configuration Please Contact Us:


This document provides instructions on how to properly setup a Facebook application so that users can login/register via Facebook on your site.

Creating a new app

To allow users to login to your site with their Facebook account you need to create a Facebook app. To create a new Facebook app please do the following:

Note: After clicking this button you may be presented with a security check

Select "Set Up" for "Facebook Login"

Select "Web option”

Set your "Site URL"

Skip all others step of the process.

Settings Tab ➔Basic

Settings Tab ➔Advanced

App Restrictions - You can restrict your app to specific age range and countries if your site references alcohol or an adult nature site.

Products Tab

  1. On the Products tab, click on +Add Product then click Get Started button on Facebook Login

  1. After you clicked the Get Started button, click on Settings under Facebook Login

Client OAuth Settings

You just need to enter your site's login, register and account's social tab URIs into the Valid OAuth redirects URIs field.

You can just leave the Deauthorize Callback URL blank then click on save changes.

App Review Tab

Once you have done all these steps you can go to the App Review tab to make the app live. The app does not need to be submitted for approval as the app will only be requesting the standard data from users. To make the app live all you need to do is click the switch button from No to Yes:

App Setup Complete

Once you have done all that, the app is now complete. You should now add the App ID and App Secret into the Site Settings→ Social Logins if you have not already done so.


This document provides instructions on how to properly setup a Google+ application so that users can login/register via Google on your site.

Enabling API

To allow users to login to your site with their Google+ account you need to create a Google+ project and enable Google+ API. To enable API and create new Google+ project please do the following:

Go to Social APIs - Google+ API

Enable Google + API

Creating new project and adding credentials

Enter the project details in the pop-up that appears and click the “create” button

Go to Credentials sidebar and add credentials OAuth Client ID

Which API are you using - Google+ API

Where you will be calling the API from - Web Browser

Create client ID


After the client ID is created you will see some information appear on the page

Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret into the Google+ tab on the Settings>Site Settings > Social Login page to connect your site to your App.

After Installing the software, you will be redirected to the login page.

Login to the system with the Owner credentials, then you will be redirected to Owner dashboard

With this module you can control the total site based on the requirement.

These settings are loaded to the site as Lazy Loading to improve the performance of the site i.e., load the settings what it requires instead of loading all settings at a time. We made it to hit the database as less as possible for getting the settings

It supports the settings for the following modules

Site Settings

Contains the settings for the site. Please find the description for each field

Site Title: The title of the site

Site Logo: Logo for the site that will be shown

Site Favicon: Favicon for the website

Site Address, City,  State, Country, Zipcode and Phone: These details will be displayed at contact us part


Payment Gateway Settings

Currently it supports two payment gateways PayU and Paypal

Payu Settings

Paypal Settings


Email Settings

This modules provides 8 mail drivers for sending emails. The supported drivers are: SMTP, Mail, Sendmail, Mailgun, Mandrill, SES, Sparkpost, Log

Mail Driver: Select any of the mail drivers from the available list

Mail Host: Update your hosting server

Mail Port: Port number

Mail Username: Admin/user email for sending emails

Mail Password: Email Password

Mail Encryption: default set to null


Certificate Settings

With this module you can change the logos and contents of the certificate that need to be generated

Modules Management

This module gives flexibility to enable or disable any of the modules available in this system.

Email Templates

In this module you can edit email templates as per your requirement

We have divided this template into 3 parts

Here the header and footer are common templates for all the email templates. Change at one place and it will be updated in all other templates.

You can edit the Content part as per your requirement in each template.

Editing email template

In this you can edit the subject,  from email, from name and content of the email as per the requirement

This module helps you to make your site multilingual

Here we provided flexibility for user to change the site language as per the requirement

In this, you can create, edit or delete the languages

At any point of time you can set any one language as the default language.


Create Edit Language

Enter the language name as per your choice

Enter the language code as per the Google language codes provided



Setting default language

Update Strings

With this module, you can control all the users of the site


The difference between Owner and Admin is, Owner can delete any record but admin cannot delete.

List Users

Add User


View User 


Import Users


Update the template


View the report

In this you will be updated with clear messages for the updated and failed records


Access Subjects Module


List Subjects

Add Subject

Steps for upload subjects by excel

1) Download Template

2) Update Template and upload

3) View report


Access Topics Module

List topics

Create topic

Update data

View report


Uploading a question

Question Types


Uploading Single Answer Questions 

To upload the single answer question 


Uploading Multi Answer Questions

Uploading Fill in the blank Questions


Uploading Match the following Questions


Uploading Paragraph Questions

Uploading Audio/Video Questions

Uploading questions by excel

Details of single answer template

Details of Multi answer template

Details of Fill in the blanks template

Details of report after uploading the template

Note: Maximum of 3000 questions per excel file is suggested


Access Instructions module

List Instructions

Add/Edit Instruction

These are used to group similar type of quizzes under one name


Access quiz category module

Add/Edit quiz category


Access Quiz module

List quizzes

Create/Edit Quiz

Update questions

Note: Maximum of 900 questions per quiz is suggested


Access Exam Series Module

List exam series

Create/Edit exam series

Update quizzes in exam series


Access Coupons Module

Create/Edit coupon code

Enable/Disable Coupons module

For this go to Master settings->Settings->Modules Management


Access LMS Categories

Add/Edit Category


Access LMS Contents

Add Edit Contents

LMS Content Types


Uploading File type of content

This options is used to upload any downloadable materials like text documents

Uploading Video File

In this you can upload mp4 videos.

These will be played at front end for the user

Uploading Audio File

In this you can upload mp3 files

Uploading Video URL type content

In this, you can give direct video URL's

Note: Direct youtube urls will not work. The URL should end with file type like .mp4 etc

Uploading  Audio URL type content

In this, you can give direct audio URL's

Note: Direct youtube urls will not work. The URL should end with file type like .mp3 etc

Uploading URL type content

In this you can give any external resource URL link that will redirect the user to that page

Uploading Iframe type content

In this you can give the Iframe code or the src path 

Suggest to give src path as below for better user interface with predefined height and width


Access LMS Series

List LMS Series

Add/Edit Series


Access Payment Reports Module

Online Payments Dashboard

Offline payments dashboard

Offline pending records

Payment Options Settings

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Enable or disable Offline payment

Export Payment Records


Access Notifications module

Add edit notification


Accessing Feedback module

Feedbacks list

Feedback details


Parent Dashboard

Access Children module

Children List

Children Dashboard

Parent Preferences

Buying a package for child

Send Feedback to admin


Student dashboard

Exam form

Analysis Reports

Quiz Attempts analysis

Analysis by exam

Single exam analysis

Exam series

LMS Series

Preference Settings